Henk Nieland

Hendrik Maarten (Henk) Nieland was born in Den Helder, The Netherlands. In music, he is mainly self-taught. After receiving his gymnasium diploma at the age of 15, he went studying mathematics, physics and astronomy in Utrecht. Henk received a PhD in high-energy physics from the University of Nijmegen, and went on a postdoctoral fellowship to Moscow, where he worked at the renowned Lebedev Institute of Physics. Back in Holland, he worked at several scientific institutions. Until the 1990s, lack of time restricted his musical activities to incidentally composing pieces, as well as keeping his piano playing on a professional level. From 1992 onward Henk was able to spend an increasing amount of time on composition. During the next twenty years he wrote a fifty odd songs, five operas, chamber music, and several piano pieces. He is musical director of the Spinoza Theatre in Budapest since 2003. His work was performed in Amsterdam, Bratislava, Prague, Tokyo, Budapest, New York, and Tel Aviv. Henk is a member of the Dutch Composers’ Association GeNeCo since 1980.

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